How to choose an executive office desk?

How to choose an executive office desk?

How to choose an executive office desk?

What's on your desk? In addition to office items such as computers, is there a special story? So, let's talk today about the executive office desk.

As one of the essential office furniture in the office, the desk plays an important role in the development of the corporate culture.

1, The colour of the desk should match the design style

Generally, when choosing a desk in an office, it is mainly based on three aspects to choose the colour of the executive office desk: the nature of the work, the size of the space, and the degree of day lighting in the office.

The design style pursued by science and technology research and development institutions or enterprises, and institutions tends to be simple, so simple colours are more suitable, such as white and light blue; Internet innovation companies, can use some bright colours as an embellishment as it may stimulate a sense of innovation; For an office with a small area but very high floors, it is easy to feel empty. To adjust the uncomfortable feeling brought by the building itself, you can choose some dark colours.

A well-lit office will make the space look transparent and comfortable, so matching the original wood colour and business grey will enhance the texture and style of the space; if it is an independent office with insufficient light, it is not suitable to use dark office furniture, which is warm and moist. The brick red and ginger yellow can bring out the warmth of the space.


2, What is the appropriate height for an executive office desk?

Since the chairs we currently use are all height-adjustable, there is no specific height standard for the height of the desk. According to social surveys, user feedback and actual test data, most of the desktops are 72 to 76 cm in height. This is the most suitable combination with most office chairs, and employees will not bend over or stretch their necks for a long time.


3, What we need to pay attention to when choosing a desk

When choosing a desk, you should not only pay attention to the appearance, but also whether the desk board is environmental friendly. A desk with inferior quality or high formaldehyde content will pose a threat to human health, so pay close attention to these issues when purchasing.


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