How to choose a gym equipment for home use

With the vigorous development of the times, fitness has become a trend that has swept the world. Most people like to go to the gym to exercise. In fact, in addition to the gym outside, you can also have fitness equipment at home. The editor of dreasytech will introduce you to home fitness equipment. The types and their advantages and other options, interested friends, may wish to take a look with the editor!
Types and advantages of home fitness equipment:
   1. Treadmill: Run more distance than on the ground
   Running is an aerobic fitness exercise that is currently popular internationally and highly praised by the medical and sports circles. It is the most effective and scientific fitness method for maintaining a person's physical and mental health. It is becoming more and more popular. However, due to the constraints of the urban environment, many people cannot enjoy running on the dirt and close to nature. Therefore, treadmills have become the first choice for bodybuilders, especially women who want to lose weight quickly.
    2. Exercise bike: an exercise that bicycles cannot replace
    The exercise bike has the incomparable advantages of bicycles-you can freely display your riding speed, and you can observe the speed, time, heart rate value, etc. at every moment through the electronic watch on the exercise bike; using it for exercise can not only effectively Improving cardiopulmonary function can also help strengthen leg muscles, lose weight and improve overall physical fitness. It is especially suitable for patients with limited mobility, weak physical fitness, and rehabilitation.
    3. Elliptical rotating machine: Let the whole body move
   elliptical orbiting machine, also known as space walker, is a new fitness equipment. Its novelty lies in its movable pedal design. It is a fitness equipment that integrates walking, jogging, and stationary cycling. Its fitness movements are just in line with people's natural strides, and will not cause significant damage to human joints. Damage to the human body due to the impact of the impact, can move the muscles of the upper and lower limbs, especially the legs and buttocks During exercise, it is through the coordination of hands and feet to achieve fitness goals.
    4. Rowing machine: "caring for" muscles that can't be moved
   Every flexion and extension movement of the body and every arm stroke movement during rowing makes about 90% of the extensor muscles involved in the movement. Therefore, it is really beneficial to the extensor muscles, which are hardly involved in any movement. Rowing action has a significant effect on exercising the back muscles, allowing the spine to obtain the maximum range of motion in the forward and backward extension of the body. At the same time, it effectively moves the joints of the spine, which not only enhances the elasticity, but also increases the toughness. When practicing "rowing", pay attention to the continuity of the movement, and do not stop every stepping movement.
Choice of fitness equipment:
1. Recreational fitness equipment: Office workers are more prone to fatigue. They can wake up and refresh themselves through fitness. They can choose to use climbing equipment, exercise bikes, rowing equipment, etc.
2. Growth fitness equipment: Youth fitness and weight loss emphasises comprehensiveness and scientificity. All kinds of supine supports, tensioners, dumbbells, grips, etc. are suitable for teenagers.
3. Functional fitness equipment: suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, for the purpose of fitness and longevity. For those who are strong, use treadmills, exercise bikes and flying markers, etc.; for those who are in poor health, you can use various massagers. There is a magical swing exercise machine on the market that is particularly suitable for such people.
4. Bodybuilding fitness equipment: suitable for women, such as small dumbbells weighing three or four pounds, abdomen, fitness turntables, gymnastics mats and other small items, as well as some small magnetic therapy machines and massagers that can relax muscles and activate blood. Play the effect of fitness and weight loss.
5. Comprehensive fitness equipment: There is a multi-functional comprehensive fitness equipment at home, which integrates running, boating, cycling, and mountaineering, suitable for both men and women. You don’t need to be greedy to buy fitness equipment, as long as the results are quick and suitable for you, the price of fitness equipment is reasonable, and it does not matter if it is small. It is not necessary to value fitness equipment brands.
That's it for the selection of home fitness equipment. 
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