DreasyTech gathers Personal Information about the Customer for the purposes of:

    1. marketing, supplying or delivering our products to the Customer;

    2. carrying out repair work (both in and out of warranty repairs);

    3. improving and developing DreasyTech products; and

    4. expanding the business.


  • DreasyTech is committed to protecting the Customer’s Personal Information in line with its legal obligations.
  • The Customer hereby acknowledges and consents that DreasyTechhas the right to sell, rent, share, or otherwise disclose personally identifiable information to Related Parties.
  • If a Customer does not consent to Personal Information being disclosed to Related Parties as set out it must contact DreasyTech by email at

  • The Personal Information of the Customer may be held in electronic records in data storage systems and hard copy which permit lawful access only by those company officers, employees, and contractors who need access to perform their functions and to Related Parties.

  • DreasyTech may, from time to time, employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on our behalf.  In these circumstances,  DreasyTech may disclose Personal Information to such companies and individuals to enable them to deliver services on its behalf.

  • The Customer may request access to Personal Information, in accordance with the National Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act. If the Customer wishes to access personal information please contact DreasyTech by e-mail at

  • Personal Information collected by DreasyTech is owned by DreasyTech and is an asset that can be sold as part of the business.